10 Things You Need to Know About Jedward

Jeremy Blacklow
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Move over Lady Gaga. The biggest duo you’ve never heard of – yet – is getting ready to take over America. Well, at least they have the biggest hair!

Don’t know who Jedward is still?! No worries. We’re here to bring you up to speed.

Yahoo! Music’s Lyndsey Parker (we’re not sure who’s a bigger fan of whom), had the first big exclusive U.S. interview with the Irish boy band, and they held nothing back when they visited her at Yahoo!’s offices in Santa Monica, California, last week.

But you can’t really get to know Jedward by reading about them. You need to listen to them speak and watch them perform. So, check out Parker’s interview, and be sure to also take a look at their very unique Eurovision performance of “Waterline” from 2012.

Without further delay, future Jedheads ... meet Jedward.

10) They got their start on “The X-Factor” U.K.:
The duo participated in 2009’s 6th season, and while they didn’t win (they came in sixth place), they were certainly the most successful act to come out of the show that year (Albeit, champion Olly Murs is now also making his own U.S. push right now too).

9) Yes, they’re identical twins:
Their real names are John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes. They’re 21, and they’re fabulous.

8) They’re from Ireland:
“We’re the only ones from Ireland,” they told Parker. “There’s only Bono and U2 and Jedward and The Script.”

7) They’re marketing geniuses:
“I think we just take everything to the next level,” Jon explained in his interview with Parker. Edward agreed: “Our fans like the whole lifestyle of being a Jedward fan. If you’re a Jedhead, you’re not just only listening to the music, you’re also like, watching all the cool videos.”

6) They like to finish each other’s sentences:
“We’re not crazy, we’re just having a lot of fun,” they explained … together.

5) They’ve represented Ireland in the Eurovision contest ... twice:
First, in 2011, finishing 8th, and then again in 2012, finishing 19th. For those that have never heard of Eurovision, it’s like an annual “American Idol” competition (at its peak) on steroids between every country in Europe that takes place every May … with a lot more glitter and pyrotechnics.

4) They’re marathon runners:
Because what else would they do with all of that energy? In fact, they ran the Los Angeles Marathon in 2012, so, they’re practically Hollywood locals.

3) Simon Cowell thinks they’re nuts:
In fact, Cowell once said, “They’re not entertaining to me … even the Prime Minister said they can’t sing,” and once called them, "not very good and incredibly annoying.” Doesn’t matter though. Cowell’s fellow U.K. “X Factor” judge Louis Walsh appreciated their magic and now currently manages them.

2) Two of their biggest hits to date are U.S. classics:
They covered “Ghostbusters” once during “X Factor” (Again, you have to watch it to appreciate it.) And their first single was a mashup of "Under Pressure"/"Ice Ice Baby" with Vanilla Ice.

1) They’re best friends with Tara Reid:
Yes, it’s true. They met doing “Celebrity Big Brother” in the U.K. and became fast soul mates. She was even featured in the music video for the third single from their second album, “Wow Oh Wow.” There are few words to describe the greatness that is contained within this video.

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