10 Reasons We Love Aaron Paul (Including the Way He Says ‘Bitch’)

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Having an audience love and root for a drug dealer is no easy feat – it's also why Aaron Paul has two shiny Emmy Awards for playing "Breaking Bad"'s Jesse Pinkman. But our affection has grown beyond just adoration for the Ed Hardy-wearing, "bitch"-saying, magnet-loving meth maker to the 33-year-old actor, who charms us at every turn. As the show returns to the small screen for its final episodes, we present a handful of reasons we've become, well, addicts

10. He's absurdly nice to his fans. When one of those creepy star tour buses drives by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's house, do you think they walk outside and say hello? Heck no. Now watch this:

9. Like, so nice. Further proof? While filming "Breaking Bad" in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he would tweet out the number for a pay phone by the set, then take calls from fans. For hours.

8. His bromance with Bryan Cranston makes us smile. Just look at them. Can't you tell they really, really like each other?

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7. Nobody says "bitch" the way he does. Nobody.

6. He's the only person we've ever seen get this excited over … magnets.

5. He made it to the Showcase Showdown. Not only did he charm Bob Barker ("You're the man, Bob. You're my idol!") and the "Price Is Right" audience, but he also won a desk (actual retail price? $1,797). Check him out, a little hopped up on Red Bull, before he was famous:

4. He knows how to get down. The guy is a such a music lover that he does things like this at concerts. (He totally might be part kangaroo.)

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3. He's a huge advocate of … pizza. How can you dislike a guy who loves pizza this much?

2. But seriously … he has a huge heart. We previously shared the story about his friend Austin Childers. It's not something he does for publicity – he's never discussed it publicly. He just does it because he's a nice guy. (Read more about Austin — and keep him in your thoughts.)

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1. And we know he's a newlywed and all, but he slays us with the sweet things he says about his wife. Best. Celebrity. Husband. Ever.

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Are you a huge Aaron Paul fan, too? Perhaps you walk around saying "Gatorade me, bitch?" Share your favorite thing about the actor in the comments below.

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