'Gigli' What? Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Have a Roast-Off

Taryn Ryder
Yahoo Celebrity

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck may be Hollywood's most famous BFFs, but what happens when their claws come out?
Hilarity, for one thing. And, of course, a winner. Thankfully, we get both in this charity-promoting video that winds up spinning into a major roast-off:

Matt wants to take selfies and talk about the Red Sox, while Ben has more "sophisticated" topics in mind, like "19th century literature or the current state of politics in the Middle East." Point, Affleck.
Damon volleys with what we were all thinking – such "sophisticated" conversation sounds borrr-ing. He follows with, "We could talk about 'Good Will Hunting' and who did the bulk of the writing." Zing! Point, Damon.
Affleck returns with a short joke but Damon is quick with a "Gigli" reference. Ouch!
We watched closely and kept score: Matt landed 7 jabs while Ben only nailed 6. But neither of them are really the winner here. After all, this is in the name of charity, and their battle was really a debate about the kinds of things they'd do with YOU if you won the chance to spend the day with them in Hollywood.
Much like the recent, headline-grabbing date with George Clooney, it only takes a $10 donation on charity site Omaze to throw your hat in the ring (and the more entries you buy, the cheaper that gets). All proceeds from this experience will benefit Ben and Matt's respective charities, the Eastern Congo Initiative and Water.org.

The winner and a friend will be flown to Los Angeles to stay in a four-star hotel and hang out with Ben and Matt at an exclusive Hollywood event as their personal VIP guests.

"It's great to be working with Matt again. It was a little awkward after he didn't get the Robin role, so we couldn't be more excited," Ben said in a press release on Thursday.
"Yeah that was tough, but I still have the costume from my audition, so I'm hoping I can wear it when we meet the winners," added Matt.
In the spirit of competition, you can get all the details for Ben & Matt or Matt & Ben.