How Whitney Port Stays in Shape on the Road

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Fashion designer Whitney Port, who most folks know as the former reality star of MTV's "The Hills" and "The City,"will be spending the summer traveling, going back and forth from her home in L.A. to New York for various projects, as well as making trips to Dublin, Ireland, and Miami. While that kind of busy travel schedule tends to throw akink in most people's diet and fitness routines, Port tells omg! she's not about to let it mess with hers.

"I try to work out as much as possible," she shares. "It's sort of hard when you're traveling. I try to do little routines in my hotel room, like push-ups and sit-ups and little things I can do with furniture for on the go."

When the 26-year-old is at home, she heads to the gym three to four times a week for an hour, combining weight training and cardio work, and splits personal training visits with her sister. "It definitely helps. We definitely motivate each other," she says. "We're really competitive, not against each other but we just have competitive spirits and we always want to be able to do everything."

Port says she relies on healthy snacks like nuts, fruit,and Pirate's Booty to help curb her appetite throughout the day, but she's not afraid to indulge a little, too. Her greatest temptation? French fries. "I think everything in moderation," she says. "I don't starve myself. If I do want something, or there's something in front of me, I won't neglect myself, but I'll just try to not do it too, too much."

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While Port was in Manhattan last week promoting National Iced Tea Day with Snapple, the California native can't quite decide which coast she prefers. "L.A. is great for me because my family is there and work is there so it's a little bit more stable for me. But I have a lot more fun in NewYork, just because the social life is much more fun," she notes."You're not constantly in the bubble of your car, you're walking around and you're seeing new things and doing new things."

Though Port recently announced her split with beau Ben Nemtin of "The Buried Life" fame, she's got plenty of work to keep her busy these days. No, not another MTV show, but her Whitney Eve fashionlabel, which she describes as "effortless and comfortable, but a little bit loud." Her fall collection will launch in September and she's currently working on her spring 2012 line.

"It's my number-one priority at this point. I'm learning each season and I feel like it's getting better and better," Portsays of the label. "I feel like it's a line that anyone can wear. That's really important for me. When I was working for Diane von Furstenberg, she was teaching me that you have to think about the every-woman, you can't just design for a specific demographic or for a specific body type, because that's not really going to get you anywhere."

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