Olivia Munn’s Wacky Workout Plan

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Listen up, guys: If you were lucky enough to have everhad a fling with actress Olivia Munn, you'll be happy to know she's probably named one of her 45-minute aerobic routines after you.

"They have funny names like the One-Night-Stand andthe Ex-Boyfriend," Munn tells Shape magazine. "Weall have that ex with the stupid dance who we love to hate, right? Mine did the jumping-up-and-down-fist-pump-in-the-air-with-an-overexcited-smile-plastered-on-his-face dance. It's so much more fun than the alternative workouts my friends plan. They always ask me if I want to go for a hike. And I'm like, 'No, why would I do that when I've got TiVo?'"

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It might sound wacky, but the fitness plan is clearly working for Munn, who stars in the upcoming flick "I Don't Know How She Does It" opposite Sarah Jessica Parker. She recently lost 16 pounds.Though the 31-year-old used to have regular one-on-one sessions with a Pilates instructor, she got too busy with work to stick to a schedule and now focuses more on her own do-anywhere workouts. That and her diet plan with a name almost as interesting as those exercise routines.

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"I made up a diet I called 'If I can't see it, I don't eat it,'" she says in the October cover interview. "For example, if you buy a roasted chicken at the store, it sounds healthy, right? But those brown juices in the pan are made of what? Sugar? Soy sauce? If I don't know forsure, it's not going in my mouth."

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And while lots of celebs go on the record saying they don't use a scale, Munn isn't one of them.

"I need to see the hard numbers in order to stay ontrack. I don't believe in the 'jeans' test because it's easy to cheat. I have a pair that fits like sweatpants because I haven't washed them since 1998,"she admits. "God forbid I'd have to go through the pain of stretching them out again."

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