No Calorie Counting or String Bikinis for Nina Dobrev

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If Nina Dobrev, the svelte star of the hot CW series"Vampire Diaries" keeps her own diary of how she manages to maintainthat fab figure, we want a copy. But the interview the 22-year-old Bulgarianborn beauty gives to Seventeen magazine comes pretty close.

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"I do a lot of yoga. I practice yoga three or fourtimes a week. It's an escape for me," says Dubrev, who may just have acareer to fall back on if if this whole acting thing doesn't work out. "Icould be a yoga instructor. I'm not certified, but I could do it. Once I did aclass where the instructor didn't show up, and I just went to the front and didit, and everyone followed. So I've done it before, and I love it."

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And when she can't make it to the gym, the Bulgarian-bornbeauty still squeezes in plenty of activity to keep fit.

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"Over Christmas, I had a break, and I didn't go tothe gym once, but I was in better shape than I am now, because for the firstweek, I was snowboarding every single day. I went skating, I went in myfriend's pool, and I did everything you can possibly think of that was winteryand sporty," Dobrev explains. "But I didn't feel like I was workingout even once. I was just having fun."

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One activity she isn't into? Lying around poolside.

"I don't really wear stringy bikinis much,"admits Dobrev. "I wear a lot of thicker, sportier stuff, because I'll playvolleyball on the beach and go surfing and swimming. I'm not thelounge-in-a-chair-in-next-to-nothing-for-tan-lines kind of girl."

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She's also not the type to get obsessed with dieting andcalorie counting.

"People who are confident, happy, enthusiastic,vivacious, and vibrant are the ones other people are generally attractedto," the actress insists. "You're not drawn to the person in thecorner of the room counting calories with her shoulders slumped over."

Easy for you to say, Nina! Now if you'll excuse me, I'llbe in the corner counting calories. Summer's coming!

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