Nicole Richie Works It Out

Omg Balanced Living

How did Nicole Richie get in shape for her wedding to rocker Joel Madden? By hitting the gym every day and sweating it out -- just like the rest of us. Helping the Winter Kate designer to achieve her fab, fit figure was her trainer Tracy Anderson, who just happens to run her fitness biz with Gwyneth Paltrow as her business partner.

As well as Paltrow and Richie, Anderson's star-studded clientele includes Jessica Simpson, Ellen Pompeo, and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few. And it seems Anderson expects the same level of commitment from her celebrity devotees as from her regular clients.

Says Anderson: "A lot of people gasp when they hear that I would like them to work out for one hour each day, six days a week. Their mind goes elsewhere immediately -- work, kids, friends, etc. People feel guilty about taking that time for themselves and don't stop to realize that devoting some time each day to take care of yourself will help you in all other aspects of your life."

Adds the fitness expert, "Nicole Richie manages to juggle it all; she is a mother of two, a wife, runs a fashion empire (that I am obsessed with), but she still finds time to dance! Nicole is a smart girl and can study the moves, add her own spin, then really bring it on the dance floor." 

Check out Richie's fun dance workout, which just happens to be executed to the beat of fellow Anderson client Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor."

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