Kim K’s Pre-Wedding Plan to Drop 15 Pounds

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Kim Kardashian's reported August wedding to pro basketball player Kris Humphries is getting closer by the day, and according to Life & Style, the 30-year-old is calling in the big guns-- celeb trainers Tracy Anderson and Gunnar Peterson -- to help her get in tip-top shape for the equally big day. Kim needs to shed 15 pounds in order to fit her curvaceous self into a size 2 dress. Actually, make that two dresses. In royal wedding fashion, Kim is actually purchasing double the number of wedding dresses the average bride buys -- one to wear during her vows and one for the reception. Both will be designed by the world-famous Vera Wang, who happens to be a friend of the family.

Trainer Tracy Anderson says she has Kim focused on a total body workout -- sometimes twice a day. "We don't want to take away Kim's amazing curves, so we just do specific movements to tighten the skin and to pull the muscles tight against the bone," Anderson tells the magazine. Meanwhile, Gunnar Peterson works with Kim two to three times a week, doing curls and lunges. And when she's not working out with those A-list trainers, Kim is making regular trips to L.A.'s popular Barry's Bootcamp, where she powers through an hour of high-intensity interval training.

And in case that regimen isn't enough to get her to her goal, even Heidi Klum is helping out. The two Ms. Ks ran four miles together inNew York a few weeks ago. "We took a walking break and Kim was the one who pushed us to start running again," admits Heidi. "I don't think she needs to do much, but I think every girl gives a little extra before walking down the aisle."

And which lucky celebs will be there to see the svelte Kim make that trip down the aisle? Not Heidi. "The list is very controlled," says a pal of Kim's. "They had to cut out a lot of people. There aren't lots of new friends or work associates on Kim and Kris'guest list." And Kim's BFFs Brittny Gastineau and La La Vazquez haven't been asked to be part of the wedding party since Kim has decided to only include her sisters, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie, along with Kris' sister Kaela and childhood friends. Well, at least Brittny and La La don't have to worry about wearing dreaded bridesmaids dresses!

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