What Kelly Ripa Eats (Almost) Every Day

Danielle McClure, Shape.com
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What does TV host and busy mom Kelly Ripa eat to keep her petite figure so fit? Read on to find out the healthy snacks -- and a few indulgences -- the 40-year-old can't live without.

Greek Yogurt
Kelly Ripa adds fresh blueberries and pistachios to her favorite Fage Greek yogurt for a quick and healthy treat that's good any time of the day—and always in her fridge. "I also like to make my own lavender honey. Just get dried lavender, put it in honey and let it sit. It becomes lavender infused," according to Ripa. "So you get salty, sweet, and a little tang. It's very good. It's my dessert, my breakfast, everything!"

Goldfish Crackers
Kelly Ripa always keeps a box of the adorable and delicious Pepperidge Farm crackers in her pantry. "It's a wonderful snack that I'm addicted to," she says.

What's one thing Kelly Ripa just can't live without? "I will never give up cheese! I gave it up a couple of years ago for Lent and it was really hard," she admits. "I realized that cheese is the foundation of what I eat when I gave it up and went, 'I can't eat any of this! Who wants a turkey sandwich without cheese?'"

Fresh Fruit
As a busy mom of three, Kelly Ripa says getting her kids to eat healthy isn't difficult because it's simply a part of their family lifestyle. "We've always fed our kids that way. They don't have a choice. We don't keep a lot of junk in the house so they eat what's there, which is a big bowl of fresh fruit."

Girl Scout Cookies
Although she doesn't tend to overindulge, Ripa admits she—and her family—just can't say no to yummy Girl Scout cookies. "Samoas are everyone's favorite. They're gone in three days!"

Simple, Unprocessed Ingredients
Elevating the flavors in healthy, no-fuss meals with simple, fresh ingredients is how she keeps her taste buds intrigued. "If I'm having a sliced chicken breast, I'd put it on a bed of simple sauteed spinach with a little bit of lemon and olive oil. I'm not too big on sauces. I just want the taste of the food."

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