Jerry Ferrara Reveals He’s Lost 55 Pounds

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Actor Jerry Ferrara -- best known for his role as thewise-cracking sidekick Turtle on HBO's "Entourage" -- has gone fromtubby to toned over the past year, but hasn't revealed exactly how much weighthe's lost ... until now. The 31-year-old shares with Life & Style that he'sactually shed a whopping 55 pounds.

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"I'm just eating well," he tells the magazineof how he dropped the weight over the past year.  "I really changedeverything [about] what I ate and was drinking. It's been slow, maybe two orthree pounds a month." And according to Ferrara, working out has also beena part of his new plan. "Nothing drastic, just gradual changes," heexplains.

Ferrara's weight loss has been so dramatic, in fact, thathis newly transformed physique has been worked into the show's script. SaysFerrara: "You will see a change in Turtle this season."

For more, pick up the latest issue of Life &Style, on newsstands now.

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