Hugh Jackman at 42: ‘I Have to Train Even Harder’

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Hugh Jackman's ability to transform himself into tip-top shape for a role is about as impressive as his list of "X-Men" blockbusters. You might think a buff Hollywood hunk like Hugh would have an ongoing love affair with working out, but actually, Jackman tells Men's Fitness, he's no gym rat.

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"People say it's addictive, but I'm like, 'not so much,'" he says in the magazine's October issue. "If I weren't getting paid or didn't have a character like 'Wolverine' to maintain, I would just be a tall, lean, fit guy."

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And now, at age 42, the Aussie actor has to pay more attention to his fitness regime and diet than he used to. "Over the past three or four years it's gotten a lot tougher," he admits. "I have to eat a stricter diet. I have to train even harder. I can't get away with what I used to."

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For the upcoming flick "Real Steel," Jackman,who plays a former boxer who trains robots in the sport (so what if it's far-fetched?) spent a full year training for the role, which included intense sessions with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

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"I had to make certain he executed punches properly," Leonard explains of his work with the star. "Because fans would know right away if it didn't look right."

More than likely, Hugh's going to look just fine ...

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