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Trainer Harley Pasternak has some of the bestadvertisements in the world everywhere you look -- the super fit celebrities hetrains, from Katy Perry to Megan Fox to Rihanna. Despite the serioustemptation, however, Pasternak discourages anyone from trying to get Megan'sabs or Katy's legs. "I tell people [to] never compare your body to someoneelse's body," he explains. "Compare your body to your body and havethe best body you can have."

And that advice goes for stars, too.

"Lady Gaga will never be 5-foot-10. No matter howmuch she looks at a supermodel and says, 'I love how tall they are,' she knowsto not compare her [5-foot-1] body to a supermodel's body." he adds."On the other hand, I just got off tour with Rihanna, who has naturalcurves and amazing parts of her body that perhaps a Milla Jovovich will neverhave."

Of course, that doesn't mean bodies can't change.Pasternak has been part of a few of Hollywood's most amazing physicaltransformations, including Jennifer Hudson's major weight loss, actress andmodel Jovovich's successful attempt to drop a whopping 90 pounds after herbaby, and the slimming down and beefing up of Seth Rogen, who got whipped intoshape for "The Green Hornet." "We were making him asuperhero," says Pasternak, "[taking] him from a doughy stoner to asvelte, handsome, fit superhero."

Pasternak shared his 5-Factor fitness and nutrition planwith omg! and gave us the inside scoop on some of his most famous clients'workouts. Check it out.

1. Cardio Warm-up
For a minimum of five minutes, do anything from speed walking to jogging to climbing stairs. Megan Fox, for example, warms up with a quick game of basketball. "She's not one who typically enjoys sitting on a stationary bike or a treadmill," explains Pasternak. "She likes the idea that when you play basketball or a game, your heart's getting up there but without the monotony of pure exercise."

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2. Upper Body
Do 20 repetitions of one upper body exercise, like a modified pushup or an exercise using dumbbells. "You want to pick a weight that you can barely get down the prescribed number of reps with proper technique," advises Pasternak. He rotates in sets of lying dumbbell tricep extensions when he works out with actress Amanda Seyfried. To try the move, lie face-up and hold a dumbbell in each hand with your arms extended straight up to the ceiling. Keep your upper arms stationary and bend your elbows to bring the dumbbells down to the sides of your head before extending again. "Every week we change the sets and reps and weight," he says. "I tell my clients that for your body to keep changing, the program has to keep changing."

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3. Lower Body
Do 20 repetitions of one lower-body exercise per leg. Rihanna does skater lunges -- a reverse lunge which requires you to take a diagonal step back across your body and then lower (almost like a courtesy), rotating legs each time.

4. Abdominals
Do 20 repetitions of an abdominal exercise, like the bicycle crunch Pasternak does with client Lady Gaga. Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head, bring your knees up to a 45 degree angle and bring your feet off the floor. Extend one leg as you bend the other leg and bring it towards your opposite elbow.

Then repeat steps 2,3, and 4 three more times.

5. Cardio Cooldown
Spend your final five minutes focused on a final burst of cardio. Katy Perry, according to Pasternak jumps rope ... kind of. "It's jump rope but without a rope," he says. "You don't need a rope to jump rope. In fact the rope gets in the way for many people."

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The whole workout can usually be done in under a halfhour. Oh, and don't try to pull the excuse that you don't belong to a gym and,therefore, can't exercise. Pasternak isn't buying it. "You don't need agym, of course not. You can use a couple of water bottles, and graduate to somelight dumbbells," he insists. "Walk. Get yourself a pedometer, they're10 bucks or even five bucks -- and try to take at least 10,000 steps aday."

As for diet, Pasternak advises his clients to eat threemeals (around 400 calories for an average woman) and two snacks (which shouldbe half the calories of a meal) a day. Each meal should include a low-fatprotein like chicken, fish or egg whites; a healthy carbohydrate like wholegrain or wild rice; 10 grams of fiber; a healthy fat such olive oil or avocado;and a low-sugar, low-calorie beverage. Pasternak recommends Powerade Zero, abeverage for which he's a spokesperson, in order to keep up electrolytes andstay hydrated.

This fitness guru's number-one tip? "Don't stopmoving from the second you wake up to the second you go to bed," heimplores. "Jack LaLanne many years ago said 'If you don't move it, youlose it.' And as simple as that advice is it's the truth."

Pasternak took his own advice and spent our entireinterview riding a stationary bike. Now that's practicing what you preach.

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