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It looks like Stacy Ann Ferguson, better known as Fergie (and one-fourth of the Black Eyed Peas), is hanging up her microphone ... at least for now. After a decade of non-stop touring and recording, the36-year-old singer/actress/shoe designer recently told Shape magazine she's going to spend some quality time with her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, and possibly start a family.But a break from the band doesn't mean she'll be slacking off on the health and fitness fronts.

Read on for what the sexy songstress had to say about what gets her motivated, her fast-food splurge, and the one piece of fitness"equipment" she doubles up on.

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"I'm glad that our music motivates people to exercise. If I had to pick just one song to run to, it would be 'Violet' by Hole. It makes me want to run."

"Josh turned me on to the book The Beauty Detox Solution, by Kimberly Snyder. It's about juicing as a way of life. I don't plan to make the switch completely, but I'm adding superfoods to my system with her green smoothie."

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"I'm famous for splurging at fast-food places. I'm currently obsessed with Taco Bell's bean and cheese burritos with extra green sauce and extra cheese. Gluttony!"

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"I switch up my workouts all the time. I'll go from jumping rope to hiking to the elliptical. I also use free weights and bands. It keeps me challenged and fends off boredom."

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