Carrie Fisher: ‘I Weighed 3 Million Pounds’

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Those who were surprised to find out that iconic "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher -- who once heated up the big screen in a metal bikini -- had become so overweight that she was tapped to become a Jenny Craig spokes person at the beginning of the year, got an even bigger shock this morning when the 54-year-old appeared on the"Today" show to flaunt her slimmer figure. Fisher has lost 50 pounds in nine months and is looking, well, like one would picture a 50 something Princess Lea.

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When asked by Ann Curry what motivated her to finallylose the weight, Fisher, who donned a fitted black pants suit for the occasion,cracked, "The spark was that I weighed 3 million pounds." That and the fact she'd "exhausted the alphabet on bra sizes."

The quick-witted actress and author -- who's currently touring the country in her one-woman show Wishful Drinking-- credits the Jenny Craig food and the program's consultant she could "complain to" with helping her lose the weight. "I couldn't look in the mirror. I saw pictures of myself where I didn't look like [me]," she said on the show. "I thought that was getting old. Turns out it was mostly getting fat."

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As for that famous two-piece costume that's been hanging over her head for 30 years? "I want to get back in the metal bikini and walk around the house like an idiot," she joked. "You know, answer the doorbell, 'What? What is it? Oh, this old thing?'"

Though we're not really expecting to see her in that two-piece, we are waiting to find out the answer to the most important question of all: Can she keep the weight off? Let's hope so, and maythe force be with her ...

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