Alison Sweeney’s Tips to Shedding the Baby Weight

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Since Alison Sweeney has been in the Hollywood spotlight since she was 17, it's not surprising that the "Days of Our Lives" star has struggled with her body image over the years. Fortunately, the actress has finally figured out the secret to staying fit and trim -- even after giving birth to two kids. "People say I look better now than I've ever looked in my whole life," smiles the 34-year-old host of "The Biggest Loser" and author of The Mommy Diet.

Check out the premiere episode of omg!'s new healthy Hollywood living program, "Inside & Out," where Alison shares her simple tricks and tips for new moms who want to drop the baby weight.


Alison's Fitness Tips for New Moms

1. Be patient -- take your time getting back into the gym.

2. Focus on your core -- lunges and push-ups are great for your abdominal muscles.

3. Quality over quantity -- it doesn't matter how many push-ups you do, as long as you do them correctly. Over time, you'll build up the strength to do more of them.

3. Mix up your workout routine

4. No excuses! If you can't afford a gym membership, you can do something as simple as jumping jacks and burn plenty of calories.

5. Begin and end each workout with stretching

6. Schedule time to exercise

**Please be sure to consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen.

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