This Mom Makes Yoga a Family Affair

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March 13, 2014
<div class="caption-credit">Photo by: Laura Kasperzak</div><div class="caption-title"></div>Laura and her 4-year-old daughter share a yoga session. Source: <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a> <br>

Laura Kasperzak from New Jersey has been practicing yoga for the past 17 years. When she had her two children, she wanted to bring them into her exercise routine, even if they couldn't yet hold intricate poses like their mom.

Kasperzak's Instagram page is filled with photos of the 36-year-old and her family doing yoga together in their home. Though her husband Edward and 8-year-old son appear in a few photos (shot by Kasperzak by using an interval timer on her camera), her 4-year-old daughter steals the show as an adorable mini-yogi.

"I teach them the easy poses and they try to copy me," she tells the Good News. "It's just a fun time to spend with them. I basically started to include them last year when they started photobombing my pics! I also think it's just a fun way to build memories."

Kasperzak works full-time at a software company, and became a certified yoga teacher last August. "I love yoga mainly because it makes me feel strong, mentally and physically," she says. "It also sets the tone for my day to be a calmer person."

Check out our favorite photos of Kasperzak striking a yoga pose with her family, and make sure you head to her Instagram page to see the rest of her gorgeous, body-bending photos.

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