Young, Sexy, and Totally ‘InStyle’
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InStyle talked to 12 of the hottest stars in Hollywood for June's Sexy issue. Read on for scorching, online-only tidbits from Chace Crawford, Joe Jonas, and Katy Perry.

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Guilty Pleasure
"I don't eat a lot of them," admits hunky 'Gossip Girl' star Chace Crawford, "but there's nothing sexier than a Big Mac. It's just a whole complete package."

Cool and Confident
For Crawford, a sexy woman is "someone confident but not arrogant or entitled, without an air of desperation. I'm attracted to girls that are a little more spontaneous."

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Smooth and Silky
"A good dose of healthy flirting makes me feel sexy, like I still have it," 24-year-old singer Katy Perry says. "Shaving my legs makes me feel sexy too -- it's such a small little thing."

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The Eyes Have It
What does Perry find sexy in a man? "The eyes say a lot," she says. "When you're with someone who can't look you in the eyes, that's kind of hot. Teeth are important to me. And good breath! I will call a man out on his halitosis."

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Teen Screams
What makes a19-year-old pop star feel sexy? "Being onstage," says Joe Jonas. "Whenthere are a lot of women screaming at you it's a definite confidencebooster!"

Dress You Up
Asked who hefinds sexy, Jonas says, "A lady -- that defines someone who takes careof herself, her personal life and the way she dresses, like in niceclothes even if she's just going to the airport."

Check out now for more, and pick up the June issue of InStyle (on newsstands now) to see who else made our list. You'll find revealing photos and interviews with our Sexy Dozen, which features stars like Simon Baker and Amy Adams!