Whose Sequins Sparkled More?

OMG Aline
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If you follow fashion, you undoubtedly know who Phillip Lim is. For those of you who don't, he's a Chinese-American designer known for his effortlessly-chic and perfectly-tailored garments. He also happens to be known as the new go-to dressmaker for some of Hollywood's hottest young stars ... including Lauren Conrad and Camilla Belle.

A few weeks ago, the "Hills" hottie attended her show's fourth season finale at Tavern on the Green in NYC while wearing Lim's sensational sequined dress, along with bronze peep-toes and a short new 'do. However, the blonde bombshell wasn't the first celeb to sport the cocktail frock in public. Camilla Belle ("When A Stranger Calls") donned the dress this past June at Lim's LA boutique opening. Unlike LC, Camilla paired the piece with a brown belt and navy Miu Miu heels.

Camilla is cute, but I think her ensemble is a mess. Her mousy brown hair does nothing to show off the neckline. Her belt is way too dark and way too wide. Her chunky footwear is also awful. Lauren, on the other hand, glows in her getup because she kept it simple. Her soft curls, metallic shoes, and single bangle allowed the dress to speak for itself, and therefore I think she wins this fashion showdown. What do you think?