Whitney Port Gives Back

OMG Aline

While all the hype surrounding Whitney Port these days is about her leaving "The Hills" and heading to "The City," it turns out the reality TV star isn't just interested in boys, BFFs, and fashion. The leggy blonde is helping Rwandan women provide for themselves and their children by partnering with Rwanda Community Works to make and distribute handmade scarves through her Whitney Eve fashion line.

On her blog, Whitney says "this process allowed the women to not only have careers, but help in creating a sustainable economy in their villages as well. All the proceeds go to these very women so they can live a healthy life and be able to provide such things as health insurance for their families -- something we all take for granted." While I wouldn't say we take health insurance for granted, certainly not the 47 million Americans (according to the latest government data) who don't have insurance, I do think it's a wonderful endeavor to provide a platform for women to sell their crafts and support their families. Check out Whitney's video blog about the project on her official website. 

So if you're feeling a little overly materialistic while shopping this holiday season, why not give someone one of these gorgeous scarves, available at Amazon.com. You can help a friend stay warm during the chilly winter months and contribute to a growing economy in Rwanda.