What Were They Thinking?!

OMG Aline

Chloe Sevigny, check. Mariah Carey, check. Ashley Olsen, check. Taraji Henson ... a little bit of a surprise, check. These four females cannot be forgiven. Why? Because they sported this week's most unflattering outfits.

Mariah Carey attended the Fresh Air Fund charity function in a figure-hugging gown, courtesy of Georges Chakra. The color and shape of the dress were perfect, but the embroidered floral panel was painful to look at. Talk about a tacky prom bomb. Hey, Mimi! We can see your undies!

Chloe Sevigny popped a pose in yet another startling ensemble upon arriving at the 2nd Annual Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic. Her light beige scallop short suit was beyond scary, and her Mary Poppins-esque straw boater didn't help matters.

Ashley Olsen strutted her stuff at the LA premiere of "The Hangover." I appreciate that she attempted to smile, but I'm still confused as to why she'd wear a slinky CK nightgown out on the town. Get a room!

Taraji Henson hit the red carpet for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in a busted bustier dress from Cavalli's latest collection. Not only was her French maid-inspired frock a flop, her hair was a hot mess too!