Victoria Beckham’s ‘Posh’ New Bag

OMG Aline

Victoria Beckham is always fashionable -- even on a transatlantic flight! The Spice Girl was photographed making her way through LAX upon returning from Milan in a chic all-black ensemble consisting of a satin shift that she wore over a pair of leggings. Victoria completed her look with a gigantic pair of dVb sunglasses and, of course, a fabulous new handbag.

While her Loewes Calle ostrich bag is pretty hot, it retails for a whopping $9,700, which, in my opinion, is absurd. 10 grand on a handbag? Really? I know that $10,000 is a drop in the bucket for the Beckhams, but I don't think my conscience would allow me to carry a purse that pricey. Would yours?