The usually stylish Sarah Jessica Parker looks sloppy on the red carpet

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Sarah Jessica Parker has become such a fashion icon that she's pulled off looks that most of us wouldn't dare try. Would you ever don a tutu on the streets of NYC?! SJP, on the other hand, made that and other ensembles work both onscreen in the stylish "Sex and the City," and offscreen at glitzy red carpet galas. So on the rare occasion that even she can't make a look successful, I have to scratch my head and wonder from behind my laptop, just as Carrie would ... Can anyone really make a completely dull and shapeless ensemble work?

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The answer, if I'm judging by Parker's wardrobe, is definitely no. The actress, 47, disappointed in a baggy navy blazer over a busy black-and-white dress with way too many fabrics going on as she attended the NYC launch of the high-fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela's collection for chain retailer H&M on Tuesday. The unfortunate dress completely swallowed her petite frame, and somehow reminded me of both that tux Carrie wore in "Sex and the City 2" and something out of "Little House on the Prairie." Not my favorite SJP look!

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Oh well, Parker will get another shot at showing off her style savvy soon! Between her recurring role on TV's "Glee," a 2013 rom-com in the works, her frequent visits to the ballet, and her actor husband Matthew Broderick's projects, it's only a matter of time before Parker meets another red carpet.

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