Taylor Swift’s Discount Dresses

OMG Aline

Make way for another celebrity fashion endeavor!

Taylor Swift has a brand new collection of sundresses available at mega-retailer Walmart. This isn't the first celeb line, and it certainly won't be the last, but there is something slightly different about the cute frocks: they're $14! That is not a typo. $14!

The 19-year-old country star collaborated with L.e.i. to launch the budget-minded line, which currently consists of three styles in numerous colors.

Apparently, the down-to-earth cutie is looking out for those of us without a superstar's bank account. Taylor told People magazine, "I was totally adamant that I wanted [the dresses] to be affordable. With my headlining tour, we are offering $20 tickets everywhere we go and I wanted to approach the sundress line in the same way."

Price points like that are a great economic stimulus plan! Check out Taylor's tour dates, and browse her affordable frocks on the L.e.i. website.


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