Taylor Kitsch Goes Hollywood … in Texas

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(Nathaniel Goldberg/GQ)
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After spending four seasons as hunky high schooler Tim Riggins, part of an ensemble cast on the Texas football-themed TV drama "Friday Night Lights," Taylor Kitsch may look like he's going Hollywood thanks to roles in two upcoming big blockbusters, but he's actually planting his roots in the Lone Star State, he tells GQ.

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"I've always been a big country guy," the Canadian-born actor, who's currently building a home in Austin, says in the April issue."There's some watering holes within Austin I love. A good old rodeo never hurt anyone. And those Texas sunsets ... I work a lot in Africa: Texas and Africa have the best sunsets on the planet that I've ever seen."

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He's even adopted the state's sense of style, thanks to the years he spent shooting "Lights" there. "It's just real. It's comfortable, it's gritty, it's not flashy, it's blue-collar," the actor explains. "I have like 20 snap-up shirts in my closet, and I never, never would have thought before 'FNL' would I have had that."

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But Kitsch probably won't get to spend all that much time in his Texas dream home any time soon since he'll surely be out promoting his two behemoth flicks — sci-fi film "John Carter," out this month, and the upcoming big-action thriller "Battleship," opposite Rihanna and Liam Neeson — as well as the "smaller" film he'll star in later this summer, Oliver Stone's drug cartel crime film "The Savages."

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"2012 is really make-or-break, isn't it?" the 30-year-old admits. "Some of the biggest movies the studios, arguably, have ever done. Knock on wood, I hope to be doing these two franchises and to go on to do some passion stuff."

Not that Kitsch enjoys the media circuit grind, something he makes quite clear in his interview.

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"For me, it's tough because you're doing six months of press. That's why you put all the work in and almost f***ing kill yourself, because if you've got to talk about it a million times, you'd better be proud. And I can't work. I lost a job that I wish I could have been a part of — three scenes in a character-driven movie that I'd murder to be a part of. But you sound like you're playing the violin when you say it," the actor explains. "Relationships and friends go to the wayside. You get angry because it's press that's pulling you and not the work. And how do you f***ing build a relationship with a gal that you care for and say, 'Hey, I'm going to be gone for eight weeks. I expect you to have the same feelings as right now in eight weeks.'"

With his good looks, skyrocketing career, and new manse, there are probably more than a few women willing to stick it out, Taylor. Trust us.

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