‘Supermodel’ Style with Nicole Trunfio

OMG Aline

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to chat with spring TV's breakout star, international catwalker, and "Make Me a Supermodel" mentor, Nicole Trunfio. My time with the opinionated Aussie was limited, but it was a total treat nonetheless. After discussing the second season (she thinks Colin is "the most beautiful man in the world"), the future of the show (she desperately wants to be involved with casting season 3), and her acting class (she's currently studying with Susan Batson in NYC), our talk quickly turned to fashion.

Who are your style icons?
They range. I love Lou Dylan. I love Grace Kelly. And, I love Liv Tyler. Right now, I'm very into the '90s. It's all about the '90s, the Doc Marten's and the floral and the knee-high socks and the leather. I feel like the '90s is so underrated. What I have on right now ... Doc Marten's, knee-high socks, a short floral skirt, a white tank top, and a leather jacket.

What else inspires your look?
I'm big into art and film.

Do you have any input when it comes to the outfits you wear on "Make Me a Supermodel"?
Absolutely. They gave me a personal stylist with a huge budget to go spend whatever I wanted, which was his job but I was there with him everyday trying to bring elements of fashion into it ... like go as crazy as possible ... because Niki [Taylor] last season didn't ... it was kinda like what she would wear, but I tried to really show fashion on the show because it's a show about fashion.

Did you get to keep the clothes from the show?
Yes, I did.

Besides having a stylist on "Supermodel," do you have a stylist in your everyday life?
Yes, I do. I do, but I style myself, but I have them to get me what I want. They bring me like two racks of stuff. I feel like a princess. It's awesome!

When you're not on camera or on the runway, do you ever just go totally casual?
Um, very rarely. I love being as crazy as I can. I love character in people, ya know?

What's the most fashionable city in the world?
Ohhh, that's a hard one. I need to make a decision. OK. I'm going to say Paris.

You and Kate Moss have both rocked turbans in '09. Are they coming back?
Yeah, the turban is awesome. It's very risky though. You have to own it. You have to go back to your past life when you'd wear that turban and just rock it! [Laughs]

Favorite shopping spot?
My street, Prince Street in New York.

Favorite designers and/or labels?
I love Alexander Wang. I love that he's embracing what women like these days. I like Karl Lagerfeld ... everything he does because he's a genius, and there's nobody that will ever beat him in what he does. He's a genius. He's an architect of clothing. He's an artist. And, I love vintage ... all the vintage stuff from back in the day. I'm the biggest hat lover in the world. I have the biggest rack of hats at my house. I'm obsessed with hats.

Is there any article of clothing that you can't live without?
My hats. My Doc Marten's.

Is there any article of clothing that you spend way too much money on?
Um, yes. It would be bags, and I went through this period where I just bought every Herve Leger dress that I could find.

Is [Leger's] bandage dress ever going to go away, or is it here to stay?
I don't think it will ever go away, but I'm extremely sick of it right now. Like, I can't even look at them!

What's your favorite bag?
Chanel. Go for the Chanel or the Goyard. Goyard is something that's classic. Chanel is just the most beautiful bag a woman can own, but most of my bags are Burberry.

Is a handbag the most important accessory?
It is. Right now, I'm carrying the Hermes "Lindy" bag which is a very expensive bag and very understated, but it makes an outfit because it shows your personality. It's your handbag, so it's so personal and you get like one a month.

Favorite pair of shoes?
If I got to wear my high heels, it'd be my Louboutins. For sure. Or, my Balenciagas. I have a custom pair of Louboutins. They're awesome!

Is there anything you'd never be caught dead in?
Yeah. Velvet pants. Velvet. Velvet. [Laughs]

What's the biggest fashion mistake somebody can make?
The biggest fashion mistake is wearing something that isn't comfortable because you can tell. It just shines through. It has to be a part of you, what you're wearing. And if it's the craziest outfit that doesn't make any sense ... if you're comfortable in it, it will make sense.

How much do you love her? So fierce!

Anyway, don't forget to tune into the season finale of "Make Me a Supermodel" on Wednesday June 3 at 10 p.m. on BRAVO to see more of Nicole and to find out which aspiring model walks away with the win.