Stars Love ‘the Dylan’

OMG Aline

I'm always amazed when celebrities become so big they only have to go by one name. Oprah. Madonna. Cher. (No, not Lisa Rinna pictured at left, but I love her spunk just the same.)  

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So imagine my shock when I hear from friends at a cocktail shindig that one of the most highly anticipated celebrity comebacks of the fall will be Dylan's return to the scene. I think, "Dylan McKay from '90210'?" Nope. It turns out the famous "Dylan" is a bag. I thought it took making an appearance on "Sex in the City" for a purse to become a one-namer -- remember the Birkin? But I digress...

Apparently "the Dylan" -- brought to us by the belt and bag sophisticates at Linea Pelle -- has been a celebrity go-to since its inception about a year-and-a-half ago. Rihanna, Vanessa Minnillo, and Marcia Cross have all been spotted toting a version of the company's signature piece.

Now, about the bag's moniker ... the one-name wonder's designer, Andrew Cotton, says the name of an item is as important as the bag itself. "I believe that handbags (and many other accessories) have personalities," says Cotton. "Therefore a name is very important in helping to identify a product's image and attitude."  

But why Dylan? Turns out it's Cotton's middle name. He notes "it was the perfect blend of feminine/masculine" for this bag's "bold attitude for a strong personality." Well, that explains why Lisa Rinna snatched one up.

Cotton believes that any woman carrying a Dylan is confident and strong. I believe that anyone carrying a Dylan has some serious cash -- this fall's "it" bag retails at around 500 bucks a pop.