Rihanna Struts Her Stuff on Melrose

OMG Aline
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Is there any doubt Rihanna is one of the most stylish stars traipsing around Hollywood these days? She may occasionally have a misfire, but I give her massive props for always taking risks, keeping current, and defining her own style.

Case in point: Rihanna was out and about in her Balenciaga gladiator boots for a casual afternoon of shopping along the trendy Melrose Avenue in L.A. Even if these boots are not your cup o' tea, you have to admit that Rihanna knows how to carry them off! I love the colorful top she's sporting as well. It's a perfect complement to the detailed graphical look of the boots. She even continues the black and white theme in her mani/pedi, sporting dark fingernails and light toenails. This look may be edgy, but I say it's a winner!

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Rihanna's not the first celeb to don these boots. Balenciaga Spring 2008 model and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly wore the shorter version to the "Reservation Road" premiere in October 2007. Jennifer paired the ankle boots with a Balenciaga dress from the Spring 2008 collection to create a look more suitable for the red carpet.