Renee Zellweger’s Unique Sense of Style

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Renee Zellweger has a unique style when it comes to fashion -- and life! Over the past five years, a lot has happened to the 40-year-old actress. She won an Oscar for her role in "Cold Mountain," survived a breakup with Jack White of the White Stripes fame, and was married to country singer Kenny Chesney for four months. Now, Renee is ready to take a break. "I'm trying to figure out where I want to go and what I want to do next" she reveals in Glamour magazine's June issue. "In this line of work, you become [so defined by your job]."

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She's also focusing on the simple things in life -- like napping. "I'm working on getting bored," she laughs. "And it's really hard! But I need to sit still long enough to see where my brain goes." She does have a few different projects on her plate, but is enjoying spending some time at home. "I'm not putting on other people's clothes or living out of my luggage. I'm actually going into the bathroom to use my bathroom stuff. I am determined to sit still long enough to get past the existential crap of the moment."

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Although she remains tight-lipped about her rumored boyfriend, NBC News chief legal correspondent Dan Abrams, she does share what she's look for in a mate. "I'm looking for an encyclopedia and a dictionary. A bit of the Boy Scouts Handbook. A person who is conscientious about the trail he leaves behind him. Love. Unconditional kindness."

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Still, she resents that the media assumes that if a woman is successful, beautiful, and single that she isn't happy. "[Do they think that] because it's a deviation from social expectations?" asks Renee. "She's successful in all these respects, so why doesn't a man find her attractive? When you think about it, [when you're single] you are not deprived in any way. If anything, it's a pretty self-indulgent lifestyle."

That's why she's in no rush to get hitched again. "If I'm going to give [up the single lifestyle], it better be good -- because I'm having fun!"

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Although the actress seems pretty confident in everything that she does, Renee admits she does have a few regrets, but would never want to go back and redo any part of her life. "I'm grateful for the experiences I've accumulated," she says. "Of course, there are certain things you wish were not on that anyone's list of life experiences, but it's a life."

Read Renee's full interview with Glamour or pick up the June issue on newsstands May 12.

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