‘Privileged’ Fashion

Kelly Hsiao
OMG Aline

If you're fashion-obsessed and tune in each week to see the latest looks sported by your favorite "Gossip" kids in New York, I've got a great new show for you: "Privileged." The drama centers around a young woman who goes from rags to riches when she moves to Palm Beach, Florida, to serve as the live-in tutor and life coach to a pair of teenage sisters who happen to be the heirs to a cosmetics fortune.

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What drew me to the show -- besides the storyline and attractive cast -- were the cute clothes! The bold and sparkly fashion on "Privileged" is so unique and perfectly reflects the Palm Beach lifestyle. While "Privileged's" colorful clothing is vastly different from the muted tones we regularly see on "Gossip Girl," both wardrobes are sure to inspire your own closet all week long!

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I got a chance to go on set and meet "Privileged" stylist, Nicole Gorsuch, who offered up these great fashion tips from the show:

1. Start with one piece and build your outfit around it.

2. You don't need to look at labels -- great finds are everywhere.

3. You can make any outfit look more expensive with some affordable accessories from Forever 21. (Nicole actually uses jewelry from Forever 21 on the characters -- isn't that cool?)

4. Customize your clothing to make it unique.

To see some of the best fashion on television, tune in to "Privileged" Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.