Pete Wentz Tames His Mane

OMG Aline

Somewhere in between meeting up with his soon-to-be ex-wife Ashlee Simpson for fast food snacks over the weekend -- the two hit up In-N-Out on Saturday and Taco Bell on Sunday -- Pete Wentz decided to do something about his increasingly out of control fro. After trimming it down, the rocker posted a picture of his new, shorter 'do on his blog with the caption "tame the mane."

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Turns out the former Fall Out Boy bassist's recent au natural frizzy look was inspired by his son Bronx's curly locks. "The amount of maintenance that went into my [straight] hair was ridiculous," he told, adding, "My son, he's got this full head of awesome curly hair, and when he gets out of the bath he's so stoked. I want to get out of the shower and just be stoked, not think about how I don't want water to touch my hair."

Perhaps Wentz's larger locks started to require more maintenance than he'd originally planned, because by Sunday, the fro had been replaced by a short, sharp crop.

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