Nicole Richie’s Jewelry Line

OMG Aline

Nicole Richie is the millionth celebrity to design her own line of jewelry. Not surprisingly, you can pick up the petite star's designs at Kitson, every celeb with a side project's favorite store.

I may sound a bit jaded, but how many celebrity jewelry lines do we need, especially considering the current state of our economy and, honestly, my credit limit? At least Nicole is a star with a great sense of style. She may sometimes have an occasional miss, but more often than not, Ms. Richie is on my best-dressed list.

Nicole teamed up with Mouawad, the same company that produced Heidi Klum's jewelry line. Although the collection is reasonably priced (pieces range from $12 to $125), it's a bit disappointing. Named House of Harlow 1960, after her ridiculously cute 10-month-old little girl, the line is supposedly inspired by the 1960s and '70s. To me it looks like she skipped the '60s and got stuck in 1975. I like Nicole's ode to ancient symbols like pyramids and chevrons, but I just can't get over the bulkiness of the bangles. The black leather ring is almost as big as Nicole!


Check out the entire collection at

I'm going to pass on this celebrity product line, but if Nicole wants to design a line of flowy dresses or big sunglasses, I'm there! It looks like my nephew might be donning House of Harlow duds before I will though. Months ago Nicole talked with FabSugar about her plans to create a clothing line for little kids, with girl's clothing styled after her looks and boy's inspired by her boyfriend Joel Madden. Sounds super cute to me!