Nicole Kidman admits to feeling ‘awkward’ on the red carpet

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The stunning and statuesque Nicole Kidman always looks so confident on the red carpet, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

In the new issue of Harper's Bazaar, Kidman — who describes herself in the interview as an introvert and shy — says that 30-plus-years into her showbiz career, she still feels a little uneasy making the scene in Hollywood. "I find standing and posing for photos very awkward," the "Paperboy" tells the magazine. "I make sure to wear comfortable dresses because I want to be able to go out afterward and, you know, bend."

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Although she's a regular on those best dressed lists, the actress still has insecurities. Yes, even Nicole Kidman has a little tummy trouble. She tells the magazine that her dress fittings typically take place while her young daughters — Sunday, 4, and Faith, almost 2 — play nearby, which helps her keep everything in perspective. "[As] you get older ... all of that other stuff becomes less important," she confesses. "I've always had a little belly. I mean, now that I'm 45, they don't say, 'Oh, she's pregnant!' as much. But I've got skinny arms and legs, and then I've got a little belly." However, being nearly 5'11 has its advantages — the focus is often on her mile-long legs instead of her midsection — and she says she swears by stilettos.

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Kidman also reveals her plans for the infamous Dior dress she wore to the Academy Awards in 1997. Her appearance in the chartreuse haute couture gown, while she was still married to Tom Cruise, is still viewed as a fashion game changer. "It's packed in a box with tissue paper, and it will be donated to a museum," she says of the dress. As for the rest of her fancy frocks, she says her three daughters — including 19-year-old Isabella Cruise — will have to duke it out. "Whichever daughter loves clothes more will get dibs on all those. But I keep them in the same way that I'd keep a painting."

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Another "red carpet truth" Kidman shares is that she often gets body makeup all over her husband Keith Urban's tuxedo — not that he holds it against her. The actress gushes about the country star, whom she married in 2006. Talking about how he has given her confidence, she notes that she's always been drawn to "a bigger, stronger personality," adding, "I need protection. Everyone wants to feel someone's got their back."

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Read Kidman's full interview in the November issue of Harper's Bazaar, on newsstands October 23.

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