Mischa Barton vs. Elizabeth Banks

OMG Aline

Just when you thought separates were about to become the next big thing, along comes this fall's must-have: the two-in-one dress. A high-waisted skirt paired with a blouse? Nope. It's one piece, and it can even be comprised of two very different textures and colors. It's all the rage and has been spotted on the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Lindsay Lohan, and Lauren Conrad. If you're looking to display a classic hourglass shape, this frock hits the spot!

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Last week, the lovely Elizabeth Banks wore a light gray/dark gray Mulberry two-in-one to the "Milk" premiere in Los Angeles. The breakout star of the year was stunning as expected. Her matching heels were the perfect accessory. The dress, however, immediately reminded me of the pink and scarlet combo Mischa Barton sported to the "Keep a Child Alive" benefit this past July in London. I must say that the former "O.C." star looked better than usual in the interesting ensemble. Unfortunately, her clunky black peep-toes failed to impress.

That's why Elizabeth wins this fashion face-off with me, but I'd love to know who you think looked hotter and what your thoughts are on the two-in-one trend.