Mischa Barton’s Bags

OMG Aline

Since "The O.C." went off the air in 2007, Mischa Barton's acting career has taken a bit of a hit, but she's done a remarkable job of maintainingher fashionista status.

Aside from a few faux pas that involved her wearing a goofy headband and taking hippie chic a little too far, Mischa's been wowing celebrity watchers with her style from Paris to Dubai. Recently, everyone's not-so-favorite "O.C." girl was in England promoting her latest line of handbags for Ri2k and Nica.

Mischa showed up at London's Soho Hotel clad in layers of scarves, bangs, and eyeliner, toting a black fringed bag from her Autumn/Winter 2009 line. While the purses aren't available yet, check out the bags from her Spring/Summer collection. The shipping charge may be a bit steep for the UK-based bags, but thanks to a weak British pound these may be worth it!

If you've been missing Mischa on TV, you're in luck! Although she won't be joining the new "Melrose Place" cast as rumored, she will be starring in "A Beautiful Life," an Ashton Kutcher-produced drama about a group of models living together in NYC. Sounds like a fitting role for a 5'8" fashionista like Mischa!