Megan’s Must-Have

OMG Aline

Wanna know what Hollywood's hottest star -- Megan Fox -- is sporting this season? Well, it ain't one of those ridiculous blouses with built-in shoulder pads, nor is it an expensive leather motorcycle jacket, or a pair of painfully trendy ankle boots; it's a simple yet sexy top ... and you need one (or five) now!

Courtesy of this fall's coolest label -- Division E -- comes the slouchy tee. Available in different colors and with various graphics and hardware, these shirts are guaranteed to be a hit for years to come. They're practical, durable, and most importantly ... affordable. Ranging from $40 to $60 and purchasable at Shop Robertson, Boutique to You, and in some upscale department stores, you can easily afford to stock up. Like now.

So, if you're in need of a casual and comfortable look that works with just about everything ... and that's being worn by the likes of Megan Fox, Ashley Greene ("Twilight"), and Stephanie Pratt ("The Hills"), it's time for you to check out Division E's signature slouchy tees.