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Don't expect to see Victoria's Secret Angel Marisa Miller donning her wings in the lingerie company's annual fashion show this year. The model's got a more important project she's focusing on: Harley-Davidson's second annual Military Appreciation Month.

"We're asking Americans to go on, where you can personalize an electronic post card choosing from some really cool campaign images I did with Harley that are kind of a 1940s pin-up theme," she explained to omg! "You can send them to either active or retired military personnel."

It's a cause that's close to Marisa's heart. "My grandfather and my uncle served, and I get a lot of letters from overseas, so I try, whenever I get a chance, to give back to the [military]," she said. "I'm just personally really inspired by the sacrifice they make for the daily freedoms we get as Americans. So it's really important to take the time to remember the people who have served, and the men and women that are [currently serving] now."

Interestingly enough, Marisa didn't have any problems posing on the big bikes for the campaign because she rides a Harley herself. "I grew up riding on the back of my dad's Harley," she revealed. "I got my own license and I have my own bike now. It's been really empowering. Twenty-three percent of riders out there are women, which is really cool. So it's been an awesome adventure and a great adrenaline rush as well."

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When Marisa's not tooling around on her motorcycle, she's been busy working on a new reality show. "It's in support of the military and their families, but that's as much as I'm allowed to say," she notes. With such a hectic schedule, how does she still manage to maintain her fab physique?

"It's a little bit challenging, but before a big shoot I usually try to take the time to focus on [working out]. And I box, which is really intense and does the trick for me. Honesty, it's the boring answer. It's eating healthy and exercising when you can. I have little secret moves I do in my hotel room when I can't get to the gym, so you just have to be kind of creative."

But despite her dedication to healthy living, Marisa will be indulging over the upcoming holidays. "I'm actually shooting a Shape cover and they were gracious enough to do it before Thanksgiving," she laughed. "I said, 'Please, please have it before Thanksgiving' because that's definitely the time to enjoy food," adding, "I'm usually in charge of the pies. I really like to bake ... I make a mean apple raspberry pie."

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