Maria Menounos’ Next Gig: Cartoon Character

OMG Aline

This week's "Tropic Thunder" L.A. premiere is the gift that just keeps on giving. Between Katie Holmes' walk down glamour-puss lane in that midnight blue halter, and Jack Black's lighting bolt blazer, I just didn't think the red carpet could deliver anything more eye catching. That's when I stumbled upon this photo of "Access Hollywood" correspondent Maria Menounos looking like a cross between Jane Jetson and Strawberry Shortcake.

Oh. No.

Maria seems like a nice girl, so I won't assume the worst (that she's chasing Britney's record for most inappropriate skirt length on a woman over 25). I choose to think that she's doing the rest of us a solid by demonstrating the age-old fashion rule: Don't mix decades!

First, Maria's hair is sculpted in these pin curls a la the 50s, but then those are held in a bob shape, circa 1963. Flash forward to 1988, and Maria puts on a dress that looks like it jumped right out of Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" music video. Then there are the accessories. The purse is ultra-futuristic, playing the role of a graduating metal box (check out that tassel!). And, sadly, the shoes look like they're from last year's Jessica Simpson collection.
My advice to Maria is the same I'd give to anyone else: stick to who you are. In Maria's case, that's a sweet girl with rockin' long brown hair (that should stay down) living in 2008.