Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Line

OMG Aline

Lindsay Lohan's signature leggings line is finally here! 6126 by Lindsay Lohan is now available at Instead of lending her name to a new fragrance or handbag collection, our beloved Linds opted to stick with what she knows: leggings.

While they're a bit flashier than your basic black spandex leggings, I'm not sure the knee pads and side zippers justify the $99-132 price tag. Plus, why would you spend that kind of money when you can just pop over to Target and purchase a pair for $5.99?

If you really want to own something from the 6126 collection, but don't have that kind of cash, you might want to consider the leopard print ankle gloves for only $42, but then no one would ever want to be seen in public with you again.

Check out 6126 by Lindsay Lohan: