Lady Gaga’s Catwalk Caper

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Standing tall on towering 24-inch boots, Lady Gaga made her triumphant debut on the runway during the Thierry Mugler fall/winter 2011 fashion show in Paris on Wednesday.

As with all things Gaga, her appearance let the clothes horse showcase her many talents. In addition to modeling, Gaga did double duty as the show's musical director, and premiered her new song, "Government Hooker," as the attention-grabbing collection made its way down the catwalk.

Putting the seasoned pros to shame with her confident struttin' (at least one of the models was spotted staggering in her ridiculously high heels), The Lady made her first appearance of the night in a sheer black top paired with a long pencil skirt, waist-length blond pigtails, and a chic black hat, before returning at the end of the show in a fabulous all-white ensemble.

As her current hit single "Born This Way" blasted over the speakers at the conclusion, Gaga navigated the stairs at the end of the runway to greet the show's creative director -- and Gaga's top fashion collaborator -- Nicola Formichetti, who was presenting his first collection under the Thierry Mugler label.

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During an interview backstage, Gaga told CNN that the show was all about being "really subjective, really free, and really free-minded." In keeping with her "be proud to be yourself" mantra, she continued, "Scrutiny is like this massive thing now in this century. For Nicola and I, and for everyone we work with, it's about knowing your own strength artistically. I think if you ever backtrack or if you ever show a sign of insecurity, it shows sort of a weakness in the idea. Stop analyzing everything so much. Analysis ultimately, I think, leads to divisiveness."

Check out Lady Gaga's runway debut:

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