Kristen Stewart’s 30-minute webcast lasts half that long, no mention of RPattz

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Kristen Stewart's first live interview since she cheated on longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson in July was awkward to say the least, and it only lasted about half as long as it was supposed to! The live webcast was advertised as a 30-minute event to promote Balenciaga's new Florabotanica perfume, but the chat was over after about 16 minutes. Fans submitted more than 5,000 questions for the 22-year-old "Twilight" star about subjects as varied as Pattinson, her favorite music, and her decision to do her first endorsement deal with the high-fashion brand. However, the interviewer stuck to a dozen or so questions that were strictly focused on the fragrance. Sorry, RPattz fans!

But even talking about perfume proved to be difficult for Stewart, who often stammered and appeared to be at a loss for words during the chat. "Luckily, I like the smell of the fragrance, so I don't have to lie about that, and that's great!" she said at one point. She also described the type of person who usually likes the Balenciaga label. "I feel like it does draw sort of fearless people," she noted. "I just find that those are the kind of people who are attracted to Balenciaga. Even in this [fragrance], there's a fearlessness to it ... it's definitely not to be denied." When the friendly interviewer asked if Stewart included herself in this group, she was quick to answer. "Damn right," the starlet said with a laugh. "Yeah, I hope so. I mean, God, I try to do that every day."

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Fortunately, Stewart did open up a little about her fashion philosophy. When asked about how Balenciaga, which she often wears for star-studded soirees, has changed her approach to fashion, she explained that her feelings on the subject have evolved. "I started so young having to have a sort of relationship with fashion. You walk down the carpet, [and] it matters — it's strange," said Stewart, who has been famous since she was a pre-teen. "At first, I just wanted to get it right, I wanted to have sort of smooth sailing, and just be able to do my job, but that was another side of it — fashion." Now, Stewart said, she understands that fashion can be creative and inspiring. "I think somebody who cares about it, somebody who's interested in it, it can bring things out of you that you wouldn't expect and ... not to play characters necessarily, but just to like unlock yourself and discover yourself."

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When the interviewer announced that she had gone through all of the selected questions, Stewart seemed relieved to be out of the hot seat. "I knew it, I was going to fire through these!" she joked. "I'm sorry that we couldn't fill a whole half an hour." The interviewer then asked if Stewart would like to say something to her French fans in the romance language, but the "On the Road" star said she hasn't learned it just yet. "It's a goal of mine, but I'm so not there yet," Stewart explained. "I've been a little preoccupied."

Indeed! Stewart has been photographed out with Pattinson twice this week (kissing him once!) as the two apparently try to move forward in their relationship.

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