Kim Kardashian’s Makeunder

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Although we rarely see Kim Kardashian without a full face of makeup, the 29-year-old reality star agreed to have a "makeunder" for Glamour magazine. I honestly think she looks so much prettier without all thatextra goop on her face -- and it seems that Kim agrees.

"The look was really soft and beautiful, and it mademe feel comfortable to go with less makeup on," she said of the experience.

Check out a few more of her choice quotes below:

On the celeb she's dying to make over:"Britney Spears. I feel I could style her a bit. I would love to see herhair glam and flowy."


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On why she switched up her hair color:"I went blond last summer just to test it out. I felt like I was adifferent person, I swear. I do think blonds have more fun, but brunettes aresexier."

On why she loves curve-hugging clothes: "If I wear super-slouchy stuff, I don't feel put together. You have the right to look good and be confident."


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On her makeup philosophy: "I'mnot one of those girls who sleep in makeup because they don't want theirboyfriend to see them without it. If you're all glammed up, makeup's justanother accessory."


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On how she spoils Reggie Bush:"I'm a great cook. His favorite meal is soul food: chicken and macaroniand cheese. That's my specialty. I'll cook it once a month with corn bread andgreens. That I've mastered."


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