Kanye West: Rapper, Producer, Intern?

OMG Aline

Kanye West is getting a new gig ... in fashion! And after watching his recent performance on "Saturday Night Live" (loved the look, did not love the singing), I think a mini-break from music might be a good idea.

Following in the footsteps of other rapper-turned-designers like Sean John's Sean "Diddy" Combs and Rocawear cofounder Jay-Z, Kanye plans to set down the mic and pick up a sketch pad. For once, West is displaying some humility and is taking the time to learn the biz. According to the Mirror, he's applying for internships at various European design houses, including the London headquarters of Louis Vuitton.

"I'm going to go and take an internship and just do something that'slike completely normal, and just rap at the weekends or something," West reportedly told the British tabloid.

I commend Kanye for attempting to get some training in his new chosen field, but perhaps he should have sought it before launching his own collection. According to the Mirror, he's already set to unveil Pastelle clothing in London. I doubt the other "interns" at LV or wherever Mr. West ends up will already have their own fashion lines!