Justin Timberlake’s Dating Dos and Don’ts

OMG Aline

Justin Timberlake has killer moves, sings with a sugar-sweet voice, and looks dashing in a three-piece suit. So who wouldn't want his love advice? Check out the dating tips he shared with Glamour

DO know that guys like it when you're not super trendy. "I love individuality. Wearing what you feel is the best representation of yourself."

DON'T waste your time dating a show-off. "The bravado? That guy needs to save it for the golf course."

DO know that men appreciate you au naturel. "What you spray on should accentuate the way you smell. Pheromones are way sexier than any scent."

DON'T be afraid to push him. "Relationships are funny. You have to constantly fall in love and challenge each other."

DO exercise together. "It's the coolest thing you can do."

AND PLEASE DON'T ... bum-rush celebs. "This guy, I couldn't figure out if he was hitting on me or my girlfriend. He was like, 'You're the funniest, you wear the coolest clothes.' Then he blows Jess a kiss and goes, 'I'll see you in my dreams.' All we could do was laugh."

Justin is the face of a new cologne: Givenchy Play eau de toilette, ($71 for 100 ml). Look for it at counters in early August.

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