Just Say Zoe

OMG Aline

Whether you love or hate Rachel Zoe's personal fashion statements or her addictive reality show, you have to give the stylist credit for her ability to dress Hollywood's hottest stars in the hottest ensembles. In fact, she's got all the big names covered from Anne Hathaway to Jennifer Garner.

Another A-lister that frequently worked with the fashionista was "Will & Grace" lead Debra Messing. Unfortunately, Ms. Messing dropped Rachel from her payroll a few months ago. Debra's latest program, "The Starter Wife," was recently cancelled, so perhaps the dire state of the economy forced her to cut costs. Or, maybe the two had a falling out. Whatever the case may be, Debra's style has certainly suffered in the weeks following Rachel's departure. Take a peek at three of her recent fashion flubs:


Debra used to be the belle of nearly every ball she attended. These days, she's landing on a few too many Worst Dressed lists. Yes, she has a gorgeous figure and a bright smile, but she can't deny the power of the woman behind the wardrobe: Rachel Zoe. 

Hopefully, Deb will learn from her mistakes and use a small portion of her "Will & Grace" millions to rehire Rachel in the very near future. Debra will benefit, Rachel will benefit, and so will our eyes.