Julianne Moore: ‘I Don’t Love My Freckles’

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Julianne Moore will turn 50 on December 3. While it's hard to believe, Moore, who got her start on the daytime soap "As the World Turns" in the '80s and is now one of the most well-respected actresses in Hollywood, probably has her fair skin to thank for aging so gracefully. A lover of swimming and the beach, Moore makes sure to cover up when she's in the sun. "I have what I call 'my outfit,'" she laughs in the new issue of Allure. "I wear a long-sleeved rash guard and a pair of board shorts. It's not so sexy, but I keep myself covered. My husband [Bart Freundlich] hates it. But if you ever see me at a water park, that's what I'll be wearing."

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Teased about her freckled complexion while growing up, Moore decided to write a children's book inspired by her experience called Freckleface Strawberry, which has recently been turned into an off-Broadway musical. "There are so many children's books about loving yourself," she notes. "I don't love my freckles -- I'd really rather not have them, but there's nothing I can do about them. I think we learn as adults that there are other things that are more important." Unfortunately, it took Julianne a while to learn that lesson. "There was a lot of self-loathing between 7 and 49," she admits.

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While she is a tad self deprecating -- the Bulgari beauty and the new face of Talbots cracks, "I like to call myself the 100-year-old model" -- she exudes confidence at the same time. She's never had Botox injections, and has no plans to.

"I hate to condemn people for doing it, but I don't believe it makes people look better," she asserts. "I think it just makes them look like they had something done to their face, and I don't think we instinctively find that appealing. We think we do, but then when you look at somebody who's had their face altered in some way, it just looks weird. We recognize emotionally that that's not what we look like, that there's something off. You don't want to take away what makes a face look human."

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To learn more about Julianne, her family, and her beauty secrets -- she's been using Oil of Olay for 25 years -- pick up the November issue of Allure, on newsstands October 26.

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