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Can you imagine Jessica Biel in the retro, ladylike garb of the '40s? It could've happened. After more than 15 years in the business,  Jessica, 29, reveals to Elle that there's one role she particularly regrets losing out on: "The Notebook."

"That's one that I wanted so badly," the actress tells the magazine. "I was in the middle of shooting 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' and I auditioned with Ryan Gosling in my trailer -- covered in blood. [Director] Nick Cassavetes put me through the wringer in an interesting, excitingly creative way. But there's a million that get away."

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Still, the "Valentine's Day" star admits that there are times when she dreams of doing something else with her time. She even has a back-up career choice. "I'd love to write," the brunette beauty says. "I wrote a lot of short stories and poetry when I was a kid. That was my creative outlet. I've written a short film, and I [still] write poetry."

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Some of those days probably come when the media is asking questions about her personal life. Jessica, who rarely speaks about her on-again, off-again relationship of nearly five years with Justin Timberlake, is quiet about the romance. She does, however, explain that it's no surprise she's coupled up with another actor. "I think those are the people you meet and so it just kind of happens," she says. "Let me tell you: It never happens on purpose."

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One day, after Jessica's found Mr. Right, she notes that settling down and having a family are not out of the question. "Yeah, I think probably at some point [having kids] would be something I'm interested in," she says. "But I don't feel pressured. I was never one of those girls who dreamt of my wedding and my Prince Charming."

For now, Jessica is trying to enjoy her role in Hollywood -- which shouldn't be too difficult! The former "A-Team" actress has five movies listed in "post-production" on IMDb, including a remake of the sci-fi film "Total Recall," with Colin Farrell. "The other day, Colin and I were in our harnesses, hoisted up 30 feet in the air looking down ... the adrenaline rush of that was explosive. We hit the bottom, looked at each other, and burst into giggles. That was an I-love-my-job moment."

Read Jessica's full interview in the December issue of Elle.

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