High-Waisted Pants Aren’t Going Anywhere!

OMG Aline

By no means is Audrina Patridge a tremendously stylish star. Sure, the "Hills" hottie sports cute outfits from time to time, but she isn't exactly known for being fashion-forward. However, that hasn't stopped her from sampling every season's trends, including last summer's mainstay: high-waisted pants. Well, it looks like that craze is here to stay because the brunette beauty was recently spotted in a cute pair of high-waisted jeans, which she paired with a sexy silk blouse and strappy sandals. When I first saw Fergie rocking the tight trousers months ago, I wasn't impressed. Perhaps the garment is better suited for fall and winter. Perhaps the pants are just better suited on Audrina. Whatever the case may be, I'm starting to like the look. Do you?