Heidi Klum’s Glam Slam

OMG Aline

Heidi Klum was busy promoting the new Victoria's Secret Makeup Spring Look Kit in NYC the other day, which was inspired by the supermodel, and created in conjunction with celebrity makeup artist Linda Hay.

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"We're always getting Heidi ready for the red carpet," Hay explained to GlamBlush.com. "And it's always a big rush at the end to put together a little kit for her so that she can do touch-ups. With spring coming, it's the perfect opportunity to create a kit of essentials."

For $49, you get lip gloss, an eyeshadow quad, mascara, a highlighter/blush duo, and a makeup bag. (Klum will be carrying the exact same products in her purse when she attends the Oscars on Sunday night!) The kit also includes a handy step-by-step guide. "I like that it tells you what goes where and how to do it, because I see women all the time that don't know where to put their makeup," noted Heidi.

In addition to doling out makeup tips at the event, the "Project Runway" host also addressed comments that were recently made by German designer Wolfgang Joop regarding her GQ photo shoot.

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"She is no runway model!" Joop told BILD.com. "Heidi Klum is simply too heavy and has too big a bust. And she always grins so stupidly. That is not avant-garde -- that is commercial!" Whoa, those are some harsh words. Luckily, Klum has a thick skin.

"Do I look like I care?" the 35-year-old mother of three asked a reporter. "I really don't think about [Joop or what he said]. It's a life where everyone can say what they want to say and everyone can have their opinion -- that is his. In this business you have to be fit," she continued. "But I always try to be a good role model and not too thin."

I don't know about you, but I think Heidi is h-o-t. They don't call her "The Body" for nothing!