Heidi Klum Chows Down on a Big Mac After Wowing at the AMAs

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Heidi Klum made a dazzling appearance at the American Music Awards, showing off miles of leg in a gold Alexandre Vauthier mini dress. So how did the German beauty end her evening — perhaps being spoon-fed caviar at the hippest new Los Angeles hot spot? Nope! She hit a McDonald's drive-thru and ordered a burger!

At the end of her long day — which involved hours of preparation from her glam squad — Klum and her friend Desiree Gruber, who produces "Project Runway," headed to the Golden Arches for a fast food fix. And Klum was clearly lovin' it! "Finishing off a great night at @theAMAs … & a great meal from @McDonalds," the 39-year-old tweeted.

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In the accompanying photo, Klum is seen gripping what appears to be a Big Mac (one of her favorite indulgences!) with all the fixings in her finely manicured hand. She also has an order of fries, which are overflowing from the container, positioned on her lap — dangerously close to her fancy frock. Of course, celebrities never wear the same dress twice, so she probably wasn't concerned about any potential grease stains!

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Since the supermodel has built her empire off of her fabulous figure, we doubt she makes that many late-night visits to fast food spots. However, when she does indulge, she sure loves sharing photos of her junk food feasts with her Twitter followers.

Just last week, while back in Germany for MTV's Europe Music Awards, Klum — who is in the process of divorcing Seal, with whom she has four children — posted a pic of herself in which she's clearly excited to get her hands on a local traditional food offering. "At the afterparty. Finally I get to have my sausages! Yum," she wrote.

And back in August, Klum, who is now dating her bodyguard, sunk her teeth into a very cheesy slice of pizza. "Carb'ing it up!" she wrote.

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So what is Klum's stay-slim secret? Being strict with her diet the majority of the time, especially if she has a big event, but allowing herself occasional indulgences. "You can have some guilty pleasures — like chocolate," she explained to Stylist. "I love some chips sometimes. I love Big Macs and barbecue sauce. But you know, my day to day is very healthy." The key, for her, is moderation. "I've never done diets," she told New Parent. "But I also do not sit on the couch with my feet up and eat one potato chip bag after the next and one burger after the other."

Frankly, if she didn't tweet the photo proof, we'd have a hard time believing she had any indulgences at all.

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