Ginnifer Goodwin: ‘I Embrace My Shape’

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Though she's lately been sporting a super-short pixie cut, Ginnifer Goodwin returns to her long dark locks for the May issue of Lucky magazine. In her interview, the actress dishes on her favorite places to shop in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and how she's learned to dress for her shape.

Best known for her role as sister-wife Margene in "Big Love," Goodwin stars opposite Kate Hudson and John Krasinski in the upcoming romance "Something Borrowed," which hits screens May 6. And though she sports a chic wardrobe in the film, Goodwin admits that the outfits she's had to don for some of her other roles have left her feeling more than a little frumpy. "I've played a lot of characters where I've worn something" -- she pauses -- "not flattering."

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Luckily in real life, the recently engaged star -- who took Lucky on a tour of her top shopping spots in her hometown of Memphis -- gets to wear whatever she wants! "When I first got interested in fashion, Isabella is where I would come," shares Goodwin when revealing her favorite haunts. Adds the star, "Hoot + Louise is a perfect little boutique on a badass historic corner. It's half vintage and half new."

Compared to the average person, Ginnifer looks to be as tiny as they come, but she reveals that even Hollywood hotties can have trouble dressing for their shape. "I'm three different sizes," says Goodwin, gesturing to her tiny waist, narrow shoulders, and what she calls her "womanly" hips. "I buy things that are big and tailor them down. Things look better when I embrace my body."

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The May issue of Lucky hits newsstands April 5.

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